A Relentless Spirit on the Civil War Battlefield.

“But the little battalion of Marylanders, now reduced to about three hundred men, never wavered nor hesitated, but kept on, closing up its ranks as great gaps were torn though them by the merciless fire of the enemy in front and flank,” exclaimed Second Maryland Infantry Major W.W. Goldsborough after observing the steadfast courage of his men as they charged into the 'Slaughter Pen' on Culp's Hill at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. “Many of the brave fellows never stopped until they had passed through the enemy’s first line or had fallen dead or wounded as they reached it.” 

The sacrifice and bravery demonstrated by the soldiers of this Confederate battalion on the final day of the Civil War's bloodiest battle exemplified the spirit of the Second Maryland Infantry during the war between the states. Now, you are invited to join the ranks of the "campaigner-style" living history organization Second Maryland “Company D,” as it sets out to honor the men of the Second Maryland Infantry. Company D is a wing of the Independent Greys organization.

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Through living history demonstrations and reenactments across the mid-Atlantic region—including multiple events on the Gettysburg National Battlefield, an interactive and well-researched online presence featuring a multitude of original diaries, maps, photographs and articles, and an emerging cadet program aimed at preserving Civil War history and connecting with today's youth through technology, the men and women of 'Company D' are actively changing the face of the hobby.

Join the charge!

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 Co “D” 2nd MD INF C.S.A. 2014