1) We will "Live Stream" from the field. That's right...we will be live! Our special device can run over 10 hours in field on battery as it constantly streams in real time. The device will be not visible to any camp visitors nor will it detract from our authentic camp layout. The software on this device will give the illusion that there is multiple cameras in use as it will automatically pan or change angles pending on who is talking, or moving, or face recognition. Its like a TV studio in one small device. It also streams in 1080p from the field or records at 4K resolution. (our Company meeting is being Live Streamed to both our web page and also Facebook & YouTube as you read this now!)

2) We will be utilizing a drone pending on the environment and or venue. Obviously we would not use the drone with spectators around. What we are trying to do is give the viewer a different perspective of our camp and or the environment around us. The footage we claim using this will be utilized combined with other video footage to help create professional short movies. The drone can also live stream from the field at 1080p or record at 4K resolution. 

3)We will be utilizing 360 degree images and videos on our website and social media pages. We have another small device that is a 360 camera that records virtual images and videos. This device also Live Streams. So we now have the capabilities to basically allow a virtual visit to our Company in real time in the field or by recorded videos and images. Imagine viewing one of our live feeds either on our website or social media pages and be able to view it virtually in the ranks with us! This is happening and you, the viewer, will also be able to view our 360 videos and images on either your computer or smartphone. If you use your smartphone, will have the option to utilize your "virtual reality" goggles to really give that extra dimension you are in the field with us no matter where you are at! This camera also Live Streams from the field at 1080p or records at 4K resolution.

4) We will be implementing several small GoPro Cameras in the field to give us better image and video quality all from different viewpoints! The GoPros will be undetectable or noticed on us. We figured out a way to utilize them without anyone knowing or detracting from our authenticity,

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