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I would like to take this oppotunity to officially welcome you to the ranks of “Company D” 2nd Maryland Infantry. I am happy you chose our unit to join! You will find that our group is one of the best in the hobby! We have came a long way in a short time. This, in part, has a lot to do with our group’s teamwork! We are a very tight knit group, much like family. We work together to help each other, whether you are a new member or a veteran member; everyone is valued in our ranks! This hobby is a constant learning process. I have been involved in this hobby since 1985. I, too, continue to learn and evolve. The main thing I have learned over the years is to have “fun" doing this. I stress that to all our members; always have fun! Remember one thing, you are not alone as you now have the rank and file of Company D behind you to help with anything you need! Below I have taken the time to explain some things in an effort to help guide you on where to begin and things that will help teach you. Please take the time to read the items below. It may answer some questions you may have as well as make you feel more at home! All the links I shared are sections within this website.  Please feel free to explore everything we have on this site. What I mention below are just a fraction of the items you will find, but are the most relevant to you just getting started with us. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or anyone in the Company. We are here to help! Team effort!


J.Duda, Captain

“Company D” 2nd Maryland Infantry

Origins  You are now a part of a group that is a team and family. We have accomplished much in a short time. This success was due to the efforts of everyone in our group. We value each member and thus every member has the oppotunity to contribute to the group. Many group’s in the hobby have internal clicks. Only certain “chosen members” are valued. Not in our group.  We capitalize as a group on our member's efforts and enthusiasm. Knowing our group’s origin may help understand how we got to where we are today. Click the link below to learn more:

Messes  A “mess” is a historically accurate term referring to a group of soldiers within a unit who come together to share their rations over the fire. We have used the term mess for that same principle. We do a quartermaster issue of rations for certain  events. The men in each mess will combine their rations together to make a larger meal. The messes also act as a platoon. A platoon is another period term for a squad of men in the Company under the direction of an NCO. Currently, we have 3 messes (platoons) with each mess having a Corporal in charge of it. The messes also work with rotating any camp guard or fatigue duty that may be required for that event. This way, everyone pulls their weight in our Company and it is very much period correct. Once you have been assigned to a mess; your NCO will add you to a Facebook group thread associated for that mess. Not on Facebook? No problem! Your NCO will contact you via text or email. We do a pretty good job by keeping everyone informed. We will add your email to our Company email regardless if you are on social media. We periodically send out emails to everyone in our Company with any news or upcoming event information. Your NCO will guide you on obtaining the proper uniform, gear, and rifle needed for our impression. We discuss the uniforms and gear in a separate Chapter of this resource.

Rules   Company D does have official rules and guidelines. We have bylaws that you can review via our Company office link. The rules are in place to provide structure and guidance should there be a need, but in most situations using common sense regarding conduct will avoid referring to bylaws. If you adhere to house rules of most Pubs and Taverns have(meaning they are common sense), you will have no problems in our group.

Common Sense Code of Conduct:

  • Have fun
  • No politics or religious rants. (We all have different views. Our camp is not a soap box for you)
  • No cursing around spectators and or women and children
  • Need to smoke a modern cigarette go outside (the camp)
  • No drama
  • Pay your tab (rations)
  • Be hospitable
  • Respect the person sitting next to you (your mates) 
  • No thievery or lying
  • Help a brother out (lend a hand to fellow members is they need assistance)
  • Don’t be obnoxious  
  • Respect the management

Sutlers   Once you are ready to start acquiring your kit (uniform, gear, and rifle), please feel free to let us know and a unit member will be more than happy to meet you in Gettysburg to show you several sutlers (vendors) that sell the items you will need. All of what we do has been researched and documented right down to the uniforms and gear. We do have  uniform regulations that we adhere to which matches those of the men and unit we represent. Please DO NOT deviate from what we are telling you to buy. Our unit has a certain uniform we need. We also only buy “campaigner gear” which means it is uniforms and gear that has been researched and reproduced historically correct. Just because a sutler sells it does not mean it is period correct for the hobby, let alone our 2nd Maryland impression. If you have any questions at all, please always contact me or a NCO. We are here to help you get the right items for what we need. You are investing your hard earned money buying your items. We realize that so we want to assure that you get the right items. We look at several factors when picking a sutler to do business with. Sutlers we deal with are 1) Ethical business. 2) Quality items. 3) Historically researched items. 4) correct items for our 2nd Maryland impression 5) price (remember though, you pay a bit more for quality, but quality items are correct as well as last longer).

Uniforms and Gear  To get totally outfitted from head to toe will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $2,300. Before you get sticker shock, remember this is a hobby just like boating, hunting, or racing is a hobby. In comparrison to the hobbies mentioned, this is by far cheaper. View it as an investment. The items you get will last many years into the future as long as you properly take care of those items. The main most expensive cost is a rifle. They run between $900-$1200 new. The good news is, you can reduce some of your initial costs by shopping around for good quality used items. You can pick up a good used rifle for between $400-$600. Please check out link below to see what kind of rifles we allow and what is not allowed. The next main expense is the uniform (kepi, jacket, and trousers). The full uniform runs around $530.

Currently, we have been ordering our uniforms through Bristol Hollow. They have the correct collor wool and do great quality work. Unfortunately, quality items take time to make at times. Currently, it is a 4-6 month turn-a-round period from the time you order to time you recieve your uniforms. There is a specific way they want measuresnts too. I have taken the time to make this process easy and as painless as possible. I have made a section on our weboage that talks you through the order (what to order, what color and material, and how to measure yourself).

You can obtain good quaity gear from several sutlers.  Two of sutlers that we recommend are located locally in Gettysburg. They are Regimental Quartermaster and S&S Sutler. There are certain items that you will need.  The link below explains the gear needed and what to look for.

Here is a recap of everything you will need (link below). Please know too, that we have some extra gear and rifles that can be borrowed on loan for each event should you request. We ask that all our new members get fully oufitted out prior to their first year season coming to a close!

and here is a comprehensive list with suggested makers next to each.

Schedule    Each year we vote on proposed events we will attend for that season. You can find out which events we will be doing by link below. Each event will have all the details necessary for you. You will also see a link for Google maps to that event. You will also see and possible registration fees an event may charge. You will also see possible registration forms that you may be required to fill out and send end pending the event.

Dues    Our dues are simple and very affordable. We require everyone to pay (currently) $10 a person per year. This money covers our group’s Liability Insurance which is required by most event venues. We have premium insurance which surpasses event minimum insurance requirements. That is it. No hidden dues or “Company Funds”. We already own our Company assets (flags, extra gear, rifles, and uniforms).  The Company Commander takes care of website hosting and advertising. There is no need to hold a Company reserve cash fund. I will point out, though; some events do have a registration fees (usually $10). If that is the case, we identify the event has a registration fee and each individual is required to send the event that fee if they want to participate. Most of our event venue is free though.  We also offer mess rations for certain events. This is strictly optional. Most of the times it is a nominal $10 per individual which covers the rations for the whole weekend. Dues are to be paid (for that year) upon your first event and then every year after that by January 1st.. You can either pay by (in person) cash, check, or electronically using PayPal. Here is the link below.

Books    As you are getting outfitted to do events with us in the field, you are encouraged to read up on the unit we (and now you) represent. We have a suggested reading list of various books you can purchase which we have linked directly to amazon. I highly recommend every member to buy Robert Driver’s book and W.W.Goldsborough’s book at the very least.

We also have comprised a large “virtual” library for our members to use. These books can be viewed online or printed if you wish. We also have several diaries of men who served in 2nd Maryland Infantry.  You have many resources now at your fingertips.

Current Rank Structure   In case you would like to know how our current rank structure looks and who the reach out to if you should need anything, please refer to the chart below. You are welcome to reach out to anyone of us should you have questions.

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Social Media   Lastly, I want to direct you to the social media pages we have for our group!


Welcome Aboard!

 Co “D” 2nd MD INF C.S.A. 2014