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One of the biggest “killjoys” in the hobby is from people who wear modern eyewear. Look, the first thing people notice is someone’s face/head. You spend mega $$ on your uniform and kit but stop short of the eyewear? Trust me, modern eyewear kills your impression as well as the unit you are with. Even wearing a pair of modern glasses that “look period” will still stick out in a crowd. A big mistake is that people thing they can get away with wearing a pair of glasses that look correct. The problem is, just because you think they look correct doesnt mean they “look correct”. Please; for the sake of your impression and your unit’s overall appearance, either wear contact lenses or invest in period eyewear. Here is a link to obtain period eyewear. There are other vendors too.


 Co “D” 2nd MD INF C.S.A. 2014