Below is a list of required items that you will need to be properly “kitted” out.  We do not expect you to obtain all these items at once and we may have extra items amongst the group that you can borrow until you can purchase your own.  We do ask that you be fully kitted out after your 1st year with us. PLEASE speak with a unit member if you have any questions.

See RIFLE SECTION for detail description of items listed below.

    •    3 band Rifle, bayonet, and sling.  (Preferably 1853 British Enfield Rifle)


See GEAR SECTION for detail description of the items listed below. Please buy quality  campaigner grade leather

    •    Black leather belt

    •    Black leather cartridge box with shoulder strap (shoulder strap and brass Maryland state seal optional)

    •    Black leather cap box

    •    Black leather bayonet scabbard to fit your bayonet (either stitched or 2 rivet)

    •    Canteen

    •    Haversack

    •    Eating utensils

    •    Tin plate

    •    Tin cup

    •    Federal Wool blanket (Other varients and styles acceptable. Please ask unit member before buying)

    •    Knapsack (optional)

    •    Tent (optional)

    •    Poncho/ground cloth (optional)


See UNIFORMS SECTION for detail description of the items listed below. Also refer to our Authorized Sutler list

    •    Kepi (in blue-grey British Army kersey wool with French blue band and French blue top disc)

    •    Type RD3 8 button shell jacket in blue-grey English Army Cloth wool (EAC) with Maryland Bottony Cross badge/pin and Maryland state seal “muffin” buttons. Type RD2 shell jacket in EAC also acceptable.

    •    Trousers that match the color wool of your jacket (EAC)

    •    2 Shirts (Depot issue shirts)

    •    Trouser braces (suspenders)

    •    2 pairs of plain grey wool socks (no modern socks)

    •    1 pair of black Brogans (shoes)

    •    Period correct underwear (optional)

    •    Overcoat (optional)

    •    Vest (either civilian or military style acceptable-this item is optional)

    •    Period style wool mittens (optional)

    •    Period style wool Scarf (optional)

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